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ID # 26648289

Red Max - BCZ350S

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Gear up with a trimmer brand that's trusted by the pros. RedMax string trimmers are smooth-running machines that are comfortable and easy to use. Patented Strato-Charged engine technology leads the industry for power and performance.

RedMax trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are splined on both ends, reducing vibration and improving acceleration. The solid construction of these tools ensures less downtime than flex-cable or flex-shaft units.

Meanwhile, RedMax's Maxtreme trimmers can be combined with any of five tool attachments, making it easy to switch quickly between projects. It’s the ultimate way to put the finishing touches on your lawn maintenance work.

RedMax BCZ350S

A heavy duty trimmer or loop handle brushcutter. The BCZ350S comes standard with a trimmer head as well as a blade kit. At 2.15 horsepower this commercial machine is powerful enough for dense, wet conditions but is agile enough for precision trimming. The Strato-Charged engine provides up to 20% better fuel efficiency and more torque over a wider RPM range.

Sale Type
Red Max
Gear Ratio
Spark Plug
Champion RCJ6Y
Idling Speed
2900 rpm
Power Output
2.15 hp
Electrode Gap
0.02 in
Fuel Consumption
463 g/kWh
Fuel Tank Volume
20.3 fl oz
Cylinder Displacement
34.6 cm³
Exhaust Emissions (CO Average)
243.69 g/kWh
Weight (excl. Cutting Equipment)
13.01 lbs
Sound Power Level, Guaranteed (LWA)
116 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level At Operators Ear
98 dB(A)

Red Max BCZ350S Strato-Charged® Engine

Strato-Charged® engine is a pure 2-stroke engine without using a catalytic converter.